Recognizing the need to maintain individual and institutional rights to privacy and confidentiality and realizing that, as an agent of Angeles University Foundation, my assigned responsibilities will or may necessitate access to privileged information. Such confidential information may be verbal, on paper, contained in software, visible on screen displays, in computer readable form, or otherwise, and may include, but is not limited to, records which contain individually identifiable information like, student records, medical/health, financial, employment, contractual, or institutional data.

I affirm my intention to preserve the strictest standards of confidentiality in the use of this information.


  1. I will not disclose information that I obtain in performing my duties to anyone who does not require this information in their official capacity;
  2. I will use privileged information only for the purposes for which I am authorized;
  3. My system user account is equivalent to my LEGAL SIGNATURE. I will not disclose this account or password to anyone or allow anyone other than myself to access the system using it and understand that I am responsible and accountable for all entries made and all retrievals accessed under my user account, even if such action was made by me or by another due to my intentional or negligent act or omission. I will not participate in unauthorized disclosure of any data or password;
  4. I will exercise care to protect Confidential Information against accidental or unauthorized access, modifications, disclosures, or destruction;
  5. When discussing Confidential Information with other employees in the course of my work, I will exercise care to keep the conversation private and not be overheard by others who are not authorized to have access to such Confidential Information. I will not store nor leave printed or written Confidential Information in plain sight of third parties;
  6. I will report any attempted or successful violation of institutional or personal security or privacy policies to my immediate head.

I understand the intent of this statement and will exercise diligence in performing my duties in accordance with other institutional policies. Furthermore, I understand that Angeles University Foundation reserves the right to periodically audit my use of privileged information and to revoke my access if I am not adhering to all applicable policies. Any unwarranted and deliberate violations of the terms of this agreement will subject me to disciplinary action, including termination, legal actions, and/or criminal prosecution under appropriate Philippine laws such as, but not limited to Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy Act.