List of Research Outputs of AUF Faculty Members Published in


List of ISI-Indexed Journal Publications

Identification and characterization of endophytic fungi associated with the leaves of Moringa oleifera
by Emmanuel S. Carbungco

Detection of Plasmid-Borne B-Lactamase Genes in Extended-Spectrum B-Lactamase (ESBL) and Non-
ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli Clinical Isolates
by Merlyn C. Cruz

A Computer Assisted Instruction in Teaching History and Development of Water Polo by Michael E.
Santos, and Jonar T. Martin

Perceived barriers to walking activity of college students by Michael E. Santos, and Jonar T.

Association Between the Fokl and Apal Polyphormisms in the Vitamin D Receptor Gene and
Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
by Noel Pabalan,
and Lani Tabangay

Associations of Polyphormisms in Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMHIle49er) and its Type II Receptor
(AMHRII-482A>G) on Reproductive Outcomes
by Noel Pabalan, Eloisa Singian, and Lani

Assessing impact of regulatory risk on shareholder’s wealth by Joseph Emmanuel Lukban Angeles
The macro-gastropod communities of aquaculture-intensive lakes in the Philippines
by Roberto C.

DNA Barcoding of the Ichthyofauna of Taal Lake, Philippines by Roberto C. Pagulayan
Multivariate analyses of the biometric features from Philippine sardines – implications for the
phylogenetic relationships of the freshwater Sardinella tawilis (Teleostei, Clupeomorpha)
Roberto C. Pagulayan

Zooplanktivory in the endemic freshwater sardine, Sardinella tawilis (Herre 1927) of Taal Lake, the
by Roberto C. Pagulayan

Low isozyme variation in native and transplanted populations of the endemic Philippine silver perch,
Leiopotherapon plumbeus (Kner, 1864), from three lakes in the Philippines
by Roberto C.

Magneto-actuated immunoassay for the detection of Mycrobacterium fortuitum in hemodialysis
by Reynaldo DL. Bundalian, Jr.

Examining the predicting effect of mindfulness on psychological well-being among undergraduate
students: A structural equation modeling approach
by Debbie Ramirez, Zenaida Fernandez ,
and Jenneth Sarmiento

Motivation and physical activity participation of Filipino college students by Jonar T. Martin, Joel G.
Tubera, Michael E. Santos, and Regina A. Baligad

Association of the Insertion/Deletion Polymorphisms in the ACE Gene and Risk of Gastric Cancer: A
by Noel Pabalan

Meta-analysis of the human leukocyte antigen-G (HILA-G) 14 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism as a
risk factor for preeclampsia
by Noel Pabalan

Association of the intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-I) gene polymorphisms with
endometriosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
by Noel Pabalan

Evaluating influence of the genotypes in the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) Ser680ASn
(rs6166) polymorphism on poor and hyper-responders to ovarian stimulation: a meta-analysis

by Noel Pabalan

Associations between ghrelin and ghrelin receptor polymorphisms and cancer in Caucasian
populations: A meta-analysis
by Noel Pabalan

A meta-analysis of the C1420T polymorphism in cytosolic serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT1)
among Caucasian colorectal cancer populations
by Noel Pabalan

Racial and tissue-specific cancer risk associated with PARP1 (ADPRT) Val762Ala polymorphism: A
by Noel Pabalan

Association of male circumcision with risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis by Eloisa Singian, and
Noel Pabalan

Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and acute diarrhea in children: A meta-analysis of South Asian
by Eloisa Singian, and Noel Pabalan

Mangamaru: A creative indigenous Kapampangan folkdance (Philippines) by Michael E. Santos, Joel G.
Tubera, and Jonar T. Martin

Awareness of disaster reduction frameworks and risk perception of natural disaster: A questionnaire
survey among Philippine and Indonesian health care personnel and public health students
Razel L. Kawano, and Carmela S. Dizon

Validation of the violence risk screening-10 instrument in clients discharged from a psychiatric
hospital in Beijing
by David Gordon Arthur

A core competency model for Chinese baccalaureate nursing graduates: A descriptive correlational
study in Beijing
by David Gordon Arthur

Self-management education interventions for persons with schizophrenia: A meta-analysis by David
Gordon Arthur

An exploratory study of traditional birthing practices of Chinese, Malay and Indian women in
by David Gordon Arthur

The application of a violence risk assessment tool among Chinese psychiatric service users: a
preliminary study
by David Gordon Arthur

Graduate nursing education in China by David Gordon Arthur

A Survey Comparing the Attitudes Toward Perinatal Bereavement Care of Nurses from Three Asian
by David Gordon Arthur

A lanostane aldehyde from Momordica charantia by Bella Panlilio

Variability of the Antitubercular Activity of Ampalaya (Momordica charantia L.) from Selected
Provinces in Luzon, Philippines – December 2007
by Bella Panlilio